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The Brand Gap
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The Brand Gap THE BRAND GAP is the first book to present a unified theory of brand Whereas most books on branding are weighted toward either a strategic or creative approach this book shows how both ways of thinki

  • Title: The Brand Gap
  • Author: Marty Neumeier
  • ISBN: 0735713308
  • Page: 227
  • Format:
  • THE BRAND GAP is the first book to present a unified theory of brand Whereas most books on branding are weighted toward either a strategic or creative approach, this book shows how both ways of thinking can unite to produce a charismatic brand a brand that customers feel is essential to their lives In an entertaining two hour read you ll learn a new definition of brand the five essential disciplines of brand building how branding is changing the dynamics of competition the three most powerful questions to ask about any brand why collaboration is the key to brand building how design determines a customer s experience how to test brand concepts quickly and cheaply the importance of managing brands from the inside Also see THE BRAND GAP second edition, which includes a 220 term brand glossary and premium softcover binding FROM THE BACK COVER Not since McLuhan s THE MEDIUM IS THE MESSAGE has a book compressed so many ideas into so few pages Using the visual language of the boardroom, Neumeier presents the first unified theory of branding a set of five disciplines to help companies bridge the gap between brand strategy and brand execution Those with a grasp of branding will be inspired by what they find here, and those who would like to understand it better will suddenly get it This deceptively simple book offers everyone in the company access to the most powerful business tool since the spreadsheet Finally, a book that cuts to the heart of what brand is all about connecting the rational and the emotional, the theoretical and the practical, the logical and the magical to create a sustainable competitive advantage Everyone in the company should read this book, not just the three people with brand in their titles Susan Rockrise, Worldwide Creative Director, Intel A pleasure to read THE BRAND GAP consistently provides deep, practical insights in a light, visual way Discover the power of imagery and the role of research in building a heavy duty brand without the heavy duty reading David Aaker, Author of Brand Leadership and Building Strong Brands Neumeier stands out among brand savvy professionals His experience as a designer, writer, and strategist lends realism to his five disciplines of brand building Anyone who needs a deeper understanding of the creation, management, and evolution of brands should grab this book with both hands and start reading Patrick Fricke, Manager of Print and New Media Design, Kodak This is not just another book on brand This is the only book you ll need to read in business, engineering, and design school Clement Mok, Design enterprenuer President of AIGA THE BRAND GAP is an original It describes the full range of creative interdependencies that need to be managed in concert, but in a language so plain, crisp, and simple that you suddenly see the concept of brand and can act boldly on it Peter Van Naarden, Director of Global Brand for Hewlett Packard Co THE BRAND GAP couldn t be timely Just when we re at our most skeptical about corporate motives, along comes a book that shows how to evaluate and develop a brand in a straightforward and honest manner David Stuart, Brand Designer and Co Founder of The Partners, London This is an important work, with just the right level of accessibility Despite our overexposure to brand theory these days, THE BRAND GAP is the first book that seems fresh and relevant Richard Grefe, Executive Director, The American Institute of Graphic Arts A well managed brand is the lifeblood of any successful company and Neumeier shows us exactly how to do it Read this book before your competitors do Tom Kelley, General Manager of Ideo Author of The Art of Innovation

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    1. None says:

      Das Buch ist leicht verständlich und trifft den Kern der Sache kurz und knapp. Man kann es schön überfliegen und zu den wichtigen Stellen leicht zurück springen.

    2. None says:

      Selten konnte ein Buch ein derart komplexes Themengebiet so klar und kompakt zusammenfassen. Marty Neumeier, selbst international anerkannter Markenexperte, schafft es die Essenz der Markenführung in äußerst punktierter Art wiederzugeben und überzeugt auf ganzer Linie.

    3. None says:

      Dieses Buch gibt einen wirklich guten Überblick zum Thema Marke und macht einem den Einstieg in diese Materie sehr leicht. Ich kann dieses Buch jedem, der mit Kommunikation und Markenentwicklung zu tun hat, wärmstens ans Herz legen.

    4. None says:

      Marty Neumeier hat hier das beste Buch zum Thema Markenführung-Markendesign hingelegt. Kurz: Räumen Sie alle anderen Bücher über Marken aus Ihrem Regal und machen Sie Platz für "The Brand Gap"!!!

    5. None says:

      The book starts off with a bang and really grabbed my attention throughout the first half. After that the book fizzles out a bit and the information starts to lose some of its glimmer. The Brand Gap prides itself on being such a short title about a large subject. Well, I think the book could have been even shorter. It reads like a bloated blog post and interjects random visuals that are only sometimes helpful.The Brand Gap is also quaintly outdated. At one point the author talks about how most w [...]

    6. None says:

      Clear and to the point. Marty Neumeier articulates his “best practices” to branding, debunks old myths and brings fresh perspective to helping businesses communicate themselves in the most effective and strategic ways. He explains the gap between creativity and strategy is often too large and therefore business are suffering. The left and right brain are not working together.The answer to the mile-wide gap? Neumeier argues it is the charismatic brand. He explains getting this brand requires [...]

    7. None says:

      There's some good reasoning in here. It's not always great though. A lot of it is just dated. When the author refers to the theme from United Airlines who used to use Rhapsody in Blue (the song), many people wouldn't get that since it's fairly an old campaign. Some of the ideas don't seem very original either. That might be because the book is now 12 years old and some of the ideas have become standard.Overall it's a short (very short) read on branding that would be good for a beginner to read, [...]

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